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A new way to parent. Your way.

Motivated by a drive to change things for parents, particularly in the UK, MOON offers practical skills and tips for newborns and parenting children up to 13 years old. An accepting and honest view of motherhood, parenthood and it’s challenges. 

Reliable, well-informed, caring, gentle and accepting. A warm and nurturing home from home for any parenting questions, needs or concerns.

Adapting to parents needs

Based on the pre existing brand’s (Mummy Moon) association with the moon element, as well as the associated concepts; nurturing, gentle, supportive, etc., a new brand asset and differentiator was incorporated as key concept; the adaptive quality of a service offering a wide range of resources for mothers, fathers, carers, family and beyond.

Going back to the brand association with the moon, this branding exploration focused on the logo’s shape and, just like the moon, how it can adapt/transform/ morph, generating a set of logo variations.

Illuminating Your Parenthood Practice

Based on the conceptual association of the moon as a guiding light, MOON’s branding system explores the use of light by incorporating a colour palette system that helps categorize and organize information in order to make it more accessible. A main colour palette for the main brand -MOON- feeds a set of colour combinations designed for each umbrella brand, all carefully selected so that they can shine by themselves and as part of a larger system.

MOON - A Brand System

The adaptive quality of both shape and colour translates into not only a new
main brand - MOON - but a whole ‘graphic system’ that helps categorize and organize information and offered resources under it’s current -and potential- umbrella brands, welcoming Moon’s wide range of users.

Simultaneously building on MOON’s key concepts (Adapting to Parents Needs & Illuminating Your Parenthood Practice), MOON’s main “full moon” shape and colour were adapted in order to create a set of different shapes and colour schemes for each of the Sub-brands. In order to keep all brands aligned under the same aesthetic as the main brand; scale, layout, typeface and typeface colour all follow the Moon’s main brand design.


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